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Orlando Management Schweiz AG was founded in 2010. Its main focus is succession and special situation investments in the Swiss market.

Orlando Management Schweiz AG concentrates on companies in special situations with revenues ranging from CHF 20 mm up to CHF 500 mm. Such special situations include succession-related problems, complex carve-out situations, liquidity constraints or need of operative restructuring. We are dedicated to long-term improvement of our portfolio companies and sustained value creation. In many cases the task is about solving succession issues, cash flow problems or restructuring issues, as well as the spin-outs of company divisions.

It is not unusual that target companies are hardly profitable at times or even make losses, or the equity ratio is very low due to high liabilities. “Diamonds in the rough” are very attractive as well, i.e. very profitable companies that are not attractive to strategic investors. They are often seen as to risky due to high individual customer exposure or due to belonging to an industry lacking significant growth.

The management team of Orlando has many years of experience in coaching and monitoring management teams undergoing development and internalization of small and medium-sized companies in various industries.

The Swiss team operates very closely with the German Orlando Management AG and benefits from the complementary competences in operational, financial, legal, and engineering issues.

Portfolio companies are run independently and will not be integrated into a corporate structure.