Bergkvist Siljan

Bergkvist Siljan is a leading sawmill group in central Sweden and resulted from the merger of two smaller groups, each consolidated in succession situations. The company produces more than 850k m3 of sawn timber per year at three locations. 80% of the produced volumes are intended for export. The Group is distinguished by its excellent market position, particularly in Asia. Due to an attractive logistics set-up, the company can serve the Asian market competitively and consequently holds a strong market position there. Because of its regional location, the Group has very good access to high-quality wood stocks as an additional differentiation factor.

Company Name

Bergkvist Siljan

Reason for Participation



Mora, Sweden

Date of Acquisition

May 2018 / July 2019 


Wood processing





  • Buy-and-build strategy and optimization of cost position

  • Extensive operational action plan to implement synergies

  • Leverage >€15m synergies by significantly reducing production costs and increasing manufacturing productivity and yields

Value increasing measures

By combining the two sawmill groups to form the Bergkvist Siljan Group, significant synergies could be realized and overall profitability substantially improved.

Key measures included reducing production factor costs and improving yield. In addition, initiatives on the purchasing side as well as on the sales side led to a sustainable improvement in the material ratio.

Extensive investments in the corporate structure and processes were made to create a consolidated entity from two entrepreneur-led groups without dependencies on individual managers.

Results achieved

The integration of the two entrepreneur-led groups could be carried out without major complications producing more than €15m in sustainable synergies.