Our goal:
Joint development of ideas - Realization of opportunities

We think and act with the business in mind, prioritize facts, communicate openly and directly, and create an environment that prioritizes achieving goals together. We want to simplify matters and add value to companies.

Teamwork centered

Success is always a team effort. Therefore, team-oriented close collaboration with the management of the acquired company is crucial. We set ourselves apart by our proximity to the companies, deep understanding of the business as well as clear focus on the value drivers. A mutually defined package of clear goals, tailored strategy, focused measures and efficient use of resources enables us to make companies more valuable, sustainable and fit for the future.

to the Orlando Team

Mastering complexity

  • We are highly selective in our choice of companies. We look for companies that are in complex situations but have an outstanding market position in their niche due to their products or services.

  • For us, complexity is always an opportunity - an opportunity for simplification, optimization and innovation. Most of the time, complexity is the result of rapid growth, clinging to evolved structures or insufficient resources. The management of complexity requires not only financial resources, but also additional management capacities in particular.

  • When it comes to change processes in the companies, we have a very realistic understanding of the possibilities and speed of implementation. Strategies and measures must be developed, employees convinced and involved, new skills acquired, investments made, and new ways of doing business introduced and converted. Therefore, patience and focus on the essentials have always been our cornerstones for sustainable value enhancement.

  • We act as consultants regarding investments in companies with sales between EUR 100 million and EUR 1 billion. Acquisitions for existing companies can also have lower sales figures.

  • Our investment approach requires majority shares or minority shares with special rights for successful complexity management and value enhancement of medium-sized companies.

  • We focus on companies with substantial operations in the German-speaking and Nordic regions, including subsidiaries and production facilities all around the world.

  • We are focused on mature companies in the manufacturing sector, the process industry and service companies. There is no sector focus.

Experience as a success guarantor

The Orlando team draws on more than 20 years of experience in the successful development of medium-sized companies in the German-speaking and Nordic regions. While remaining true to our entrepreneurial approach to complex carve-outs of corporate subsidiaries or corporate successions in the traditional SME sector, we draw on a large pool of personal contacts with countless partners who support us in the search for, financing of and assistance to the companies.